Eric Bevin


About Me:

Education & Training

Eric Bevin is the proud husband to Jamie Bevin and Father to his twin baby girls. Starting from a young age his love of cars was very obvious and has proven to be a life long passion. Visual Detailing was born out of that passion for cars and the extreme (almost OCD) attention to detail. That business had a humble beginning and has now become a well respect name in the high end sector of its industry.

As Eric found his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the pull to find a way to bring love and care to those in need became undeniable. With that continual pull on his heart, his path to serving became more clear as the desire grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. The concept of giving a vehicle away to a family in need seemed to be more than just a passing thought. Aside from helping a family in need, the desire to give back to a Veteran that has sacrificed for our freedoms became clear.

Welcome to the birth of Warrior Resource Project!